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  • 16 Apr 2019

    Disinfecting Wastewater in India

    Water Digest, India's premier water magazine interviewed Trojan's Dinesh Kumar about water issues in India.

  • 13 Nov 2018

    An Introduction to UV & Guided Tour Around Our Headquarters

    Learn more about these installations, how UV lamps are designed, and about the role our systems play in disinfection applications in this video tour around our London, Ontario headquarters.

  • 31 Oct 2017

    WEFTEC 2017 Water Online Spotlight: What’s New in UV

    At WEFTEC 2017, Trojan’s Vice President of Marketing, Jen Muller, had the opportunity to take Water Online’s Chief Editor, Kevin Westerling, on a tour around the TrojanUV booth.

  • 8 Dec 2016

    TrojanUV at WEFTEC 2016 - Water Reuse & UV Disinfection Video

    In this video, Adam Festger (Trojan Technologies Drinking Water and ECT Market Manager), speaks with Water Online’s Bill King at Weftec 2016 about water reuse and why it continues to gain widespread support. ...

  • 8 Oct 2015

    WEFTEC 2015 Water Online Spotlight: Water Reuse & the TrojanUVSigna™

    In this video, Jennifer Muller (Trojan Technologies Vice President of Global Municipal Sales) chats with Water Online's Bill King about our award-winning reuse technology and how it's being utilized by municipalities throughout...

  • 5 Jul 2012

    UV Collaboration at Singapore International Water Week 2012

    TrojanUV, Trojan Marinex, Aquafine and VIQUA united in the same booth during Singapore International Water Week 2012. In this video, Marv DeVries (Trojan’s President) chats with Tom Freyberg (Editor of Water and Wastewater...

  • 20 Dec 2011

    Jennifer Muller Interviewed by WaterWorld Magazine

    Trojan's Jennifer Muller takes Angela Godwin (of WaterWorld Magazine) on a tour of our booth at WEFTEC 2011. They chat about the TrojanUVSigna™ wastewater disinfection system, TrojanUV Solo Lamp™ Technology, stormwater...

  • 30 Jun 2011

    Adam Festger Chats With AWWA at ACE11

    Adam Festger – Trojan’s Drinking Water Market Manager – chats with AWWA at ACE11 in Washington, D.C. He discusses the TrojanUVSwift™SC product line expansion, 4-log virus inactivation and the TrojanUVTorrent™....

  • 7 Jan 2011

    Ontario Water Technology Video

    The Province of Ontario is positioning itself at the forefront of clean water technology. This video, produced by Ontario's Ministry of Research and Innovation, highlights a few of the companies involved in advancing clean water technology....

  • 5 Jan 2011

    Video Overview of Melbourne's Eastern Treatment Plant Upgrade

    Melbourne Water has released this video about its Eastern Treatment Plant upgrade. It provides great insight into how the quality of recycled water is being improved, and the benefit it'll have on the marine environment along the south...

  • 29 Oct 2010

    Jennifer Muller Chats With Water Online at WEFTEC 2010

    Trojan's Jennifer Muller takes Kevin Westerling (editor of Water Online) on a tour of our booth, and answers questions about TrojanUVSigna™ and Solo Lamp™ Technology.

  • 30 Jun 2010

    Video About TrojanUV Solo Lamp™ Released

    TrojanUV Solo Lamp™ Technology was officially launched at AWWA ACE’10 in Chicago, IL. This video provides great insight into the development of the Solo Lamp, the benefits associated with the technology, and what role...

  • 29 Jun 2010

    Water Online Interviews Trojan’s Jennifer Muller at ACE'10

    Jennifer Muller (Trojan’s Municipal UV Market Director) provides great insight into Solo Lamp™ Technology, TrojanUV Torrent™, and sustainable UV water treatment solutions.

  • 16 Oct 2009

    Marv DeVries Chats With Listen Up TV

    In this interview, Marv DeVries answers questions about UV technology, indirect potable reuse and our commitment to reducing global water scarcity.

  • 14 Oct 2009

    Marv DeVries Chats With WaterWorld Magazine at WEFTEC 2009

    Angela Godwin (Digital Media Editor at WaterWorld Magazine) chats with Marv DeVries (Trojan's President) about wastewater disinfection and reuse with the TrojanUVFit™ and TrojanUV3000Plus™. ...

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