UV Water Treatment - Primary Disinfection

By employing UV as the primary disinfectant, the required chemical contact time can be reduced or eliminated (dependant upon local regulations).

Drinking water - primary disinfection

Traditionally, chlorine has been used for the primary disinfection of drinking water. However, chlorine disinfection can form disinfection by-products. UV disinfection is a physical process that does not involve the use of chemicals and does not create any disinfection by-products. In addition, UV has the added benefit of being able to inactivate chlorine-resistant microorganisms like Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

In some regions, UV can provide all the required protozoan, bacterial, and viral inactivation (including USEPA 4-log virus inactivation). In other regions, UV is used as the primary disinfectant and a small chemical residual is added to the water as it travels through the water distribution system.

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