Low Quality Water Ultraviolet Disinfection

UV disinfection has been proven effective in challenging applications such as combined sewer overflows (CSO), storm and sanitary sewer overflows (SSO), blended effluents as well as disinfection of primary-treated wastewater.

Wastewater - Low quality water

Effluent with UV transmittance (UVT) as low as 15 percent can be treated with UV. While most wastewater treatment plants employ secondary treatment, which increases UVT significantly, UV disinfection is an option for low UVT plants electing to not install full pre-treatment. Trojan offers systems with high intensity UV lamps to penetrate murky effluents and reduce the total number of lamps required. In addition, automatic chemical and mechanical cleaning systems are offered to automate operation and reduce labor requirements by preventing quartz sleeve fouling.

Trojan has successfully installed UV disinfection systems for low quality waters such as primary treated wastewater and combined sewer overflows (CSO) such as the Cog Moors Wastewater Treatment Works in South Wales, United Kingdom. The UV systems have been validated through field-testing in low UVT waters to ensure disinfection performance in these challenging effluents. 

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