Product Bulletins

Stay up-to-date by reviewing our latest product updates and important bulletins.

Please ensure that all personnel who are involved in the servicing or operating of TrojanUV systems are provided with a copy of the applicable bulletin, that they read and understand the content and that all applicable safety precautions are followed at all times.

Date: February 2018
Bulletin Number: 18-PB-CP SLEEVE CLEANING
Product Line: All
Topic: Lime-A-Way™ Formulation Change

Date: October 2012 
Bulletin Number: 012-PBSC-001A
Product Line: TrojanUVSwift™SC 
Models: A01, A02, B03, B04, B06, B08, B12, C06, C30
Topic: Replacement For TrojanUVSwift™SC Sleeve Bolt

Date: May 2013 
Bulletin Number: 013-PBCV-002
Product Line: TrojanUVSwift™SC, TrojanUVFit™, TrojanUVPhox™ 
Models: D03, D06, D12, D18, D30, 72AL75, D72AL75, 12AL30, 18L50, 30AL50, D30AL50, 72AL75, D72AL75
Topic: Pressure Vessel Safety - PN10 (10 BAR, 150 PSI maximum operating pressure)

Date: July 2013
Bulletin Number: 013-PBCV-003
Product Line: All Pressurized Vessel TrojanUV Systems
Models: All Pressurized Vessel TrojanUV Systems
Topic: Pressurized Vessel Safety Reminder