Genuine Parts

If it’s not a genuine TrojanUV part, it shouldn’t be part of your TrojanUV system.

Each component of a TrojanUV system has been designed and developed through extensive research, development and validation to ensure safe and efficient operation.

The use of genuine parts helps to ensures proper operation and maintenance of your TrojanUV system.

Benefits That Come With Genuine TrojanUV Parts

Lifetime Disinfection Performance Guarantee
When you use TrojanUV parts, we guarantee that your system will meet the disinfection requirement specified at purchase, provided that the system’s original design parameters haven’t changed (e.g., flow rate, UV Transmittance) and maintenance is completed per the UV system's O&M manual. Should you experience a disinfection issue, our Service Technicians will work with you to resolve it as fast as possible. 

Warranty Coverage
Using non-TrojanUV parts in your system may void your equipment warranty. So be sure to use genuine parts; we offer comprehensive warranties on our lamps, lamp drivers (ballasts) and UV sensors. Learn more

Validated Equipment and Components
Our UV systems, including components, have been developed through extensive research and are designed to work together safely and efficiently. They have also gone through testing by a third party to confirm and validate their performance. 

Access to our Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
We provide over-the-phone technical support from our TAC in London, Ontario, Canada. All service technicians have field experience and are thoroughly trained to provide installation support, startup assistance, and equipment troubleshooting. Learn more

Safety Certifications
Our UV systems, together with their parts and components, have been accredited by safety standards organizations such as UL, CE and CSA. Exchanging your system’s parts with non-TrojanUV parts may void UV system safety certifications and could create unsafe conditions for operating and servicing your equipment.

Free Recycling Program

For municipal treatment plants in North America using TrojanUV parts, we arrange and cover the cost for your used lamps, lamp drivers (ballasts) and electronic boards to be picked up and shipped to an approved recycling facility. Learn more

How To Order TrojanUV Replacement Parts

Commonly ordered parts include UV lamps, sleeves, o-rings, lamp drivers (ballasts), electronic boards and ActiClean™ Gel. Simply click here and let us know what parts you need, then your certified representative will get back to you with a no-obligation quote within two business days. Alternatively, you can call 1 (866) 388-0488 (North America) or +1 (519) 457-2318 (international).

Commonly Ordered Genuine TrojanUV Part Numbers

  • TrojanUV3000PTP/TrojanUV3000B Lamp: 302417, 302418
  • TrojanUV3000PTP/TrojanUV3000B Quartz Sleeve: 302108, 302208
  • TrojanUV3000PTP/TrojanUV3000B Lamp Driver (Ballast): 302403
  • TrojanUV3000Plus Lamp: 302509, 794447-0YW, 794447-0SM, 794447-0RD
  • TrojanUV3000Plus Quartz Sleeve: 316136
  • TrojanUV3000Plus Lamp Driver (Ballast): 914384, 903988-001
  • TrojanUV4000Plus Lamp: 441165-024, 441165-028, 441144-024, 441144-028
  • TrojanUV4000Plus Quartz Sleeve: 441143-024, 441143-028
  • TrojanUV4000Plus Lamp Driver (Ballast): 490291, 490280
  • TrojanUVSigna Lamp: 908081-003
  • TrojanUVSigna Quartz Sleeve: 336268-2672
  • TrojanUVSigna Lamp Driver (Ballast): 916841
  • TrojanUVTorrent Lamp: 908081-001
  • TrojanUVTorrent Quartz Sleeve: 908041-2490
  • TrojanUVTorrent Lamp Driver (Ballast): 916841
  • TrojanUVFlex Lamp: 908081-005, 908081-007
  • TrojanUVFlex Quartz Sleeve: 822639, 822518
  • TrojanUVFlex Lamp Driver (Ballast): 916841
  • TrojanUVFlex Wiper Seal: 705038

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