Genuine Parts Warranty Claims

We are proud to offer comprehensive warranties on our UV lamps, lamp drivers (ballasts) and UV sensors.

To check your warranty eligibility, simply fill out the claim form for your product and email it to:

For customers in North America:
For customers outside of North America:

Warranty Claim Form – Closed-vessel Systems

Includes TrojanUVSwift, TrojanUVSwiftSC, TrojanUVSwiftECT, TrojanUVTelos, TrojanUVFit, TrojanUVPhox, TrojanUVFlex, TrojanUVTorrent and TrojanUVTorrentECT.

Closed-vessel TrojanUV system parts warranty form

Warranty Claim Form – Open Channel Systems

Includes TrojanUV3000PTP, TrojanUV3000B, TrojanUV3000, TrojanUV3000Plus, TrojanUV4000, TrojanUV4000Plus, TrojanUVSigna and TrojanUVSonus.

Open Channel TrojanUV system parts warranty form