Utilizing revolutionary TrojanUV Solo Lamp™ Technology, the TrojanUVFlex™AOP provides high-intensity treatment of chemical contaminants in a compact footprint.

This revolutionary system offers a cutting-edge control strategy for the advanced oxidation process (AOP) to reliably deliver treatment objectives while minimizing operating costs and facilitating regulatory reporting.

Designed for Drinking Water Remediation & Potable Reuse of Wastewater

The TrojanUVFlex™AOP is ideally suited to deliver on the contaminant treatment challenges associated with potable wastewater reuse and the removal of chemical contaminants in treated drinking water. This includes the capability to destroy common contaminants, such as 1,4-dioxane and NDMA.

In addition, the TrojanUVFlex™AOP is third-party validated to provide disinfection credits and can deliver up to 6-log (99.9999%) inactivation of pathogens, including Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

TrojanUVFlexAOP Chamber

Efficient Operation and Easy Maintenance, With a Compact Footprint

Powerful and highly energy-efficient Solo Lamps lead to a low lamp count which, in turn, provides other benefits such as fewer associated components and a smaller UV chamber, reducing footprint by up to 50% that of other UV AOP systems.

Lamps are installed perpendicular to flow allowing for individual sub-sections of lamps in a chamber to be turned on and off without causing “dead zones”, maximizing the range of UV-intensity outputs for a TrojanUVFlex™AOP system. This allows the system’s one-of-a-kind controller to more effectively balance UV delivery and oxidant delivery to provide end-users with efficient AOP treatment in terms of power and resources used.

All TrojanUVFlex™AOP models are available with an optional automatic sleeve cleaning system. Routine maintenance, including lamp replacements and wiper seal replacements, are managed from outside the UV chamber.

Application Flexibility

The TrojanUVFlex™ is also used in wastewater and drinking water applications. Learn more about the wastewater system here and the drinking water system here.

Common Replacement Parts for the TrojanUVFlex™AOP


  • # 908081-005, # 908081-007

Quartz Sleeves

  • # 822639, # 822518

Lamp Drivers (Ballast)

  • # 916841

Wiper Seal

  • # 705038
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Low Lamp Count & High Electrical Efficiency
The revolutionary TrojanUV Solo Lamp™ combines the benefits of low- and medium-pressure lamps, providing low power consumption (1/3 the energy of medium-pressure lamps), low lamp count, long lamp life (>15,000 hours), and reduced maintenance.

Optimized Power Consumption
Banks of lamps are turned on/off based on UV demand. The advanced Solo Lamp™ driver enables lamp dimming from 100 to 30% power and has built-in diagnostic capability for easy troubleshooting.

Compact Footprint & Flexible Installation
The small chamber footprint simplifies indoor retrofit installations and reduces construction costs. Chambers can be installed either horizontally or vertically, making integration into existing piping straightforward and allowing service access from any direction.

Less Time Spent Changing Lamps
Fewer lamps, long lamp life and easy change-outs save time and money.

Proven Disinfection Performance
Staggard, cross-flow lamp array – optimized through computational fluid dynamics – maximizes disinfection performance and increases system resilience with continued disinfection in the event of a lamp failure.

Mechanical Sleeve Cleaning
Without removing equipment or disrupting disinfection, the automatic sleeve wiping saves time and ensures the maximum UV output is available for disinfection.

Eliminates Difficult-to-treat Contaminants
Ideal for treatment of NDMA, 1,4-dioxane, and other chemical contaminants in water reuse and groundwater remediation applications.

Advanced Validation
Chambers are validated across a wide range of treatment conditions in accordance with the National Water Research Institute (NWRI) and United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Ultraviolet Disinfection Guidance Manual (UVDGM) providing high-intensity UV disinfection of up to 6-log inactivation of Escherichia coli (E.coli), Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and adenovirus types 2 and 40.

Sophisticated Controls
Sophisticated control system optimizes the UV-oxidation process by controlling oxidant concentration and power output to eliminate contaminants, all while optimizing dose delivery.

System Characteristics
Lamp Type
  • TrojanUV Solo Lamp™ (low-pressure high-output)
Lamp Power
  • 500 Watts
  • 1000 Watts
Lamp Driver
  • Electronic, variable power (30% to 100%)
Chamber Material
  • 2205 duplex stainless steel
Flange Size
  • 48-inch AWWA C207, DN1200
  • 36-inch AWWA C207, DN900
  • 24-inch AWWA C207, DN600
  • 12-inch AWWA C207, DN300 
Pressure Rating
  • Up to 150 psi (PN10)
Sleeve Wiping
  • Optional mechanical wiping
Network Connection
  • AB Ethernet I/P
  • ProfiNet
  • Profibus
  • Modbus TCP/IP
  • Modbus RTU RS485

Panel Material

  • Painted mild steel
  • 304 stainless steel
  • 316 stainless steel


  • NWRI
  • Advanced Oxidation - Indirect Potable Reuse

    The reuse of wastewater for augmentation of drinking water supplies (a process known as indirect potable reuse or IPR) is rapidly gaining support as a means of achieving a sustainable water supply and for protection against drought.


  • Advanced Oxidation - Contaminant Treatment

    Water sources, groundwater and surface water, are increasingly impacted by contamination. With population pressures, climate change, and overuse making every water source important, water providers are increasingly looking to advanced treatment technologies to restore contaminated sources.


  • Advanced Oxidation - Groundwater Remediation

    In many areas, localized releases of industrial chemicals such as 1,4-dioxane and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), pesticides, petroleum additives, and other fuel components such as benzene and hydrazine, have impaired groundwater quality. These groundwater “plumes” are commonplace, and in many cases impact public water supplies or impedes the redevelopment of potentially valuable land.


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