UV Water Treatment - Virus Barrier

There are a variety of viruses that may be present in water that, if not treated, may present a health risk to consumers. Examples include adenovirus, rotavirus, poliovirus, and coxsackievirus.

Drinking water - Virus barrier

Health effects from different viruses vary, but the most common health effect is gastrointestinal illness. In some cases, depending on the specific virus, severe flu-like symptoms, meningitis, pneumonia, or other non-specific febrile illnesses have been observed. Small children are particularly susceptible to virus infection.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2) defined UV dose requirements for inactivation of viruses based on a relatively resistant virus: adenovirus. The UV dose required to accomplish a 4-log (99.99%) inactivation of viruses is 186 mJ/cm2, as seen in the USEPA UV Disinfection Guidance Manual. The LT2 Rule requires 4-log virus treatment for public water systems using surface water and groundwater under direct influence (GUDI) of surface water. Further, the USEPA’s Groundwater Rule requires that non-GUDI groundwater systems also provide 4-log inactivation of viruses if fecal indicators are detected during monitoring.  However, some regions mandate 4-log virus treatment regardless of monitoring results.

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